The Wooster Area Chamber of Commerce has partnered with CareWorks Comp to help members maximize their premium savings. They analyze each employer's claim and premium history to find the highest level of savings in all available workers' compensation programs. Save dollars on your worker's compensation premiums by enrolling in our group rating plan offered through Careworks Consultants Inc.  Group rating allows companies in a similar industry to "group" their workers' compensation claims history together.  By grouping companies with few or no claims, all businesses enrolled in the group can earn up to the BWC maximium discount on the program.  Coverage is still provided by the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation and each employer maintains their own policy number.  The full service program includes hearing representation, rate & underwriting analysis, program evaluation, premium discounts, claims management and unemployment consultation.

CareWorks Comp is Ohio's leading workers' compensation Third Party Administrator (TPA), offering comprehensive workers' compensation analysis that maximizes their customers' potential BWC savings. They help employers determine the best rating or discount program available, whether it's group rating, BWC deductible, 100% EM Cap or any other BWC program available to help employers lower costs. 

For more information, please contact CareWorks Comp's Amber Hart at 614-932-1553 or email 

Meet Our Account Manager

Amber Hart - Program Manager - CareWorks Comp

Email -

Phone - (740) 602-9599

Amber Hart currently serves as a Program Manager for CareWorksComp. With over 10 years of combined experience in the workers’ compensation industry, Ms. Hart has a strong understanding of claims, rates, and MCO/TPA roles and responsibilities. Her passion is to educate employers about the intricacies of the Ohio workers’ compensation system and develop strategies to improve their bottom line. Amber understands that when you are dealing with workers’ compensation, no matter your industry, mistakes can be very costly to a business. That is why Amber enjoys speaking across the State of Ohio to educate employers about the top mistakes employers make and what they can do to avoid making them. She would love to speak with you one-on-one about your program and develop a specific plan designed to help you and your company succeed.