The Junior Leadership Wooster program provides students the opportunity to share a five-month curriculum of highly structured leadership activities with other students selected from Wayne County High Schools.  Participants are exposed to local issues that impact local community resources.  They learn how these resources are structured and how they affect quality of life issues for all residents of Wayne County.  The goal of the program is for students to come away with an understanding of the importance to be involved in their communities as they become responsible adults.

Junior Leadership Wooster steers participants to learn and reflect on the excellent quality of life in Wayne County, as well as the pressing community challenges with the purpose of effecting positive change.

The Goals

Teach students about community resources.
Provide leadership training and practice in leadership roles.
Increase self-awareness and self-confidence.
Develop a sense of concern for the welfare of others.
Challenge students to participate in school and community service.

The Structure

Junior Leadership Wooster begins in the fall with an introduction of the participants to the objectives of the program.  In an orientation session, students meet each other and learn how to use leadership skills to work together.  During the year, the class becomes involved in a series of interactive activities which take place every other month through May when the year will end with graduation ceremonies.

Participants will have the opportunity to meet community leaders and visit such places as businesses, government  offices and health care facilities.  They will learn first hand how the community works.  Included in the topics to explore will be:
Team Building
Leadership Development Day
Community, Service, Volunteerism & Human Services Day
Business & Career Day
City/County Government Day
Class Project/Graduation Day


For the individual:
Increased leadership skills
Increased interpersonal communication skills
Non-competitive contact and friendships with other area students
Greater knowledge of Wayne County

For the schools:
Leaders with skills that can be applied for greater effectiveness in school organizations
Contacts with community leaders with a shared vision of our community's future

For the community:
A talented group of students who can be called upon to seek solutions to community issues related to youth
A group of future leaders who understand Wayne County's strengths, weaknesses and the opportunities of the future

Eligibility and Application

Junior Leadership Wooster is open to sophomores and juniors in the Wooster City, Southeast Local, Northwestern, Norwayne and Smithville School Districts.  The Chamber is very open to including more Wayne County Schools as the program, which highlights Wayne County, expands.  Interested students should demonstrate leadership in school and/or community activities; express an interest in learning more about Wayne County and commit to full participation in all activities.

Students can apply through their high school counselor.  A tuition fee will be required from each participant.  For more information please call the Wooster Area Chamber of Commerce at 330-262-5735.